Is fracking causing foundation problems?

There are two main arguments with the current rate of fracking in north Texas. Is fracking causing earthquakes? Is fracking causing foundation problems for homeowners?

Fracking is a technique used by the oil companies to maximize the extraction of oil and gas from the ground. This is not a new process but recently it has been used more and more in residential areas and very close to homes instead of being used in Texas’ open range. The debates have reached feverish heights with large amount of monies at stake. Recently Denton has barely passed a ban on fracking in Denton County. Many surrounding cities have taken notice and have developed grass roots groups trying to obtain the same results. In the meantime, at a State level, the rail road commission has stated that they will not honor the ban and will instead continue to issue drilling permits overriding the referendums in Denton

The link between fracking, earthquakes and foundation damage is not clear at all but some of the residents involved and affected swear that connection exists. More testing and research will surely be done as this issue is bound to become more controversial and costly. Homeowners are expressing their concern about how fracking is affecting their foundation and property value with posts like this:

Fracking and Foundation Repairs

If you live in a fracking area and have noticed ground movements around your residence resulting in cracks and foundation settling, give us a call to evaluate the possible problems. has repaired foundations in Dallas and surrounding cities for over 30 years and is ready to help.





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