How does your landscaping affect the health of your home’s foundations?

This is one of the most commonly asked question we hear in the field. To make a complicated answer short, keep the large vegetation that may change the water content of the soil, away from the foundation. Also, some plants root’s systems are very extensive and grow near the surface of the ground as well as in depth. In addition to drawing water out of the soil, large root systems can also cause mechanical damage to the foundation by lifting and cracking the slab.

Here is an example of how vegetation affects the water content in the soil and therefore the health of your residence foundations.

foundation problems caused by  landscaping


Also, consider installing root barriers to prevent the plant’s root from growing too close to the foundation slab. Root barriers are fairly inexpensive but somewhat labor intensive to install. In addition to the slab, the root systems will also damage your plumbing and in some cases induce leaks under the slab or the pier foundations. If you need any suggestions about your current situation, give us a call. We have many years of experience with landscaping caused foundation problems and can help you identify potential issues around your residence.