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Tips for drought conditions.

When thinking of weather threats in parts of Texas, drought isn’t normally the first concern or worry. Recent rainfall statistics might suggest otherwise. According to the official measures, throughout the years of 2013-2104, it can be seen that Texas went through a very dry period.

The clay soil we find in and around Texas is especially sensitive to water changes. When water is scarce it’s easy to see the effect on plants and trees, but hidden risks to your home may not show up until after the damage is done.

The main problem or concern occurs when clay dries out because it can warp and pull away from foundations, leaving parts of your home unsupported and making slanting or cracking. Without the right preventive measures this can lead to all sorts of costly […]

We are busy doing foundation repairs in Dallas

….sometime we are called to fix other companies attempts to foundation repairs. This video below is from a job site where we found previously pressed piers that failed and caused the homeowners to have to deal with the same issue twice. Rebars and concrete piers is what we use and they are the most reliable, studied and universally used method of providing structural support. Have you ever seen a bridge or skyscraper foundation built on pressed piers? Exactly.

The video below is from a different foundation repair job we complete. With a cracked slab the bricks had to separate. We finished the repairs and made the house look like the issue never happened. The homeowners were ecstatic… on to the next job.

Brick Separation = Foundation Problems?

When we evaluate possible foundation problems, one of the first thing we do is walk around the residence foundation to look for obvious signs of foundation shifting or cracking. One of the most dramatic symptoms are the brick separating along the mortar lines. For example, in this recent job we performed in Dallas (see below), the separation is very obvious. The foundation slab had a crack and the front of the house was dropping off dramatically. The wall before was on the side of the house.

After completing the foundation repairs with several piers, mud-jacking and refilling the slab to level conditions, we repaired the wall and regretted the bricks. Can you tell where the repairs were done? Yes, that is the same wall (just different […]