Water leaking under the foundations.

One of the most damaging forces in nature is water. Water can not be compressed (like any liquid) and will not relent pressure until it finds a way through. The Grand Canyon is a testament of the awesome power of water.

Water under the foundation of any residence is a recipe for disaster. If the water comes from a leak under the foundation (‘gray’ or otherwise), the homeowner may have a chance to file a claim under their home insurance policy. In fact, the only time an insurance claim would be accepted and help with the financial burden provided, is if a leak can be detected and proven to be the cause of the damaged foundations.

Other ways for water to find its way under the foundations are

  • underground natural springs, and
  • excess water seeping under the foundation from poor land drainage.

Here is an example of water seeping under the foundation of a brand new building in China topped over once the foundations failed (fortunately if was not leased yet).

The issue was discovered to be a weakened foundation with water the nearby river.

Foundation problems caused by water

According to Shanghai Daily…

…. large quantities of earth were removed and dumped in a landfill next to a nearby creek; the weight of the earth caused the river bank to collapse, which, in turn, allowed water to seep into the ground, creating a muddy foundation for the building that toppled.”

Homeowner can take a survey of the land around their property to make sure that the drainage is away from the house, not flowing in the direction of the house. In other words, the house should sit slightly elevated from the rest of the land surrounding it. In a situation where that is not possible, trenching and adequate draining are a must to evacuate the excess water and insure a long lasting home foundation.

Recent storms could provide the perfect opportunity to go outside and take a walk all around the foundation to notice if the water is flowing properly. If you need help determining the health of your residence’s foundation get in contact with us and schedule a visit.